A woman's confidence is a work of art...

Inspired by the Renaissance era and the brilliant structures built throughout Europe and the art that continues to inspire the creative minds behind the Mellardi brand.

The beauty of women is that they can be ornate, simple, complex and passionate all at the same time and so Mellardi has produced couture and ready to wear collections that embrace every woman.

Never before has women's fashion been so important to a generation as right now, we are in a time where the style of a woman is not a moment but a movement. A Mellardi Woman is a modern woman with the grace, class and power of a queen.

Behold the beautiful structures of history’s greatest European cities reflected in the hand crafted details of each design, the building of layer upon layer of quality fabrics, in elaborate designs that create striking visual expressions that empower the independent confidence of the Millennium's Modern Woman. 

Be beautiful...Be powerful...Be Mellardi...